New Columns Challenge update (v1.2.1)

A new version of Columns Challenge has been released due to a bug that, thanks to our users, was found in the last update and it provoked that the game would not start at some tablets (for example in the Nexus 7).

In addition to fixing this bug, we have added some improvements that were to be included in other updates, such as the option to send by any method (whatsapp, line, text message, email, facebook, twitter …) the achieved score in a particular game mode, we are sure that you want to inform to friends that they have been overtaken in the rankings, now you have the chance.

Again, thank you very much to all of you, as you can see, without you, these projects are orphans.

Match 4 Family new version already available in Markets

As the post title describes, the new version of Match 4 Family has been published in each market for Android applications. This new version includes a new category and some minor bugs have been fixed.

We are so sure that the new category will be loved by the younger members of the house, please, give it a try and comment it!

In next versions the number of categories will be increased so, if you want any special category, just tell us and it will be added in new versions.

Thank for your downloads!!!!

Columns Challenge v1.2 published

A new version with several important improvements has been published in the different android markets, download links can be found on the page dedicated to this game [ LINK ].

What is included in this new version? Well, the list of the most important changes is:

  • New Game Mode (Time Trial) that binds to the existing Game Mode (Arcade) in previous versions. Now we can compete against the clock to see how fast we are getting points… three options can be chosen 3:00, 5:00 or 10:00 minutes.
  • A option in the setup menu is added to adjust the gamepad to the needs of each player. Now you can change both the size and opacity.
  • New sound effects used in the game.
  • New graphical improvements that will make a little more friendly the user interface.
  • Almost 80 achievements to unlock have been added, do you think you can unlock them all?
  • Fixed some minor bugs

    Some of these changes have been requested by the players and others have been included to make Columns Challenge a success in each of the markets where it is published.

    And as we always say, if you have any improvements to do in the game, do not hesitate to send them to us, your opinions are and will be always considered.

    Thank you for supporting our game.

Jewels Showdown v2.1 published in Android Markets

As we promised a few days ago, the new version of “Jewels Showdown” has been released in Android Markets. In this new version, the most important improvement has been updated the Scoreloop’s user interface, now the management of achievements, scores, friends and profile is quite simple and intuitive. In addition to this significant improvement, some others have been added:

  • New visual effects (If your phone does not handle them well, just turn them off in the setup menu).
  • Over 90 achievements to unlock (in addition, for every one unlocked you can tell your friends you have unlocked it).
  • Fixed some errors.

If you want to see all versions that have been published of this game, just click on the link below and you will see each of those. [ LINK ]

As always, if you have any suggestions that you like in the game, just make a comment on the page and it will be considered by our developers.

Many Thanks for your support!

Jewels Showdown v2.1 is coming!!!

A new version of Jewels Showdown will be release this week with a lot of improvements, such as:

  • New audio improvements (Bugs have been fixed, the game went slow when some effects were played)
  • New visual improvements, the game is more friendly now
  • More than 60 achievements to unlock

This new Jewels Showdown version will be more addictive and entertaining, for sure. Do not let
Seguro que la nueva versión de Jewels Showdown será aun más adictiva y entretenida. You have to update the game to this version, do not let it go!!!